Make K-rock better with bottom end

  This article also appears in Quora with more accessible video links. I was inspired to make this posting when Johnny Kpop from the UK redid one of his father’s tunes from the 80s in that band Violent Blue. I heard his Dad (Neil’s) bass player’s (Charlie’s) lines on the track and … Continue reading Make K-rock better with bottom end

Locrian Scales in EDM Pop Medal Music

Locrian scales in EDM pop metal music First of all remember that many Modern songs are chord progressions; the combinations of which determine a key. Most songs are not entirely “within one scale” or “in a mode” but may USE one dominant mode that belong to the chord progressions in a song. However in modern … Continue reading Locrian Scales in EDM Pop Medal Music

Back in Black – AC/DC

    BackGround (Back in the Black Days) When AC/DC hit the radio waves when I was about 17, I couldn't stand them.  Why?  I liked to hear the lyrics and I was already rocking to awesome singers like David Bowie.  The screaming wasn't for my ears beyond a nice long Yeahhhhh by Roger Daltry on WOn'r Get Fooled Again (The … Continue reading Back in Black – AC/DC